Reunion Group Guidelines – COVID

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Nueces County is now under a Stay‐at‐Home Order.

While this is happening, it is best for Reunion Groups to reconsider how you gather.

Now, more than ever, as we no longer have our houses of worship available for gathering, we need to rely on our Reunion Groups like no other time in the past to help us continue on our Journey and our 4th Day.

We heartily encourage everyone to continue meeting regularly during this unprecedented time, however instead of meeting in person, consider taking advantage of virtual gatherings via Zoom, Go to Meeting and other platforms that are available at no cost. Some may have a time limit, which you will need to investigate further. Or, if it is a better solution, start a group text ring by using the GroupMe app or directly among your cell phones.

Your Board of Directors and the 4th Day Committee heartily encourage all of us to take advantage of all means available to us to stay plugged in and connected to our Community and Journey family.

Now, more than ever, we need to lean on and provide a shoulder for each other to provide support, love and share Christ’s love and mercy with each other. It is easy to lose hope and get depressed if you pay attention to the news, social media and other outlets. Our Reunion Groups need to be the antidote to that.

These recommendations will remain in place until such time as the Stay‐at‐Home Order is lifted, and we are allowed to gather together in groups again.

May God shine His healing mercy and love upon all of us.

De Colores!

Board of Directors
Journey to Damascus – Corpus Christi